Learn Digital technologies for teachers – Join the Queensland College of Teachers professional development web conference.  We will go through fun classroom activities in a simple and easy way. It’s interactive, creative, and enjoyable for students and teachers alike. 

Children learning to control Scratch cat using Cartesian coordinates.


Join guest facilitator, Emily de la Pena, Founder of Coding Kids and Advance Queensland’s Community Digital Champion as she demonstrates some of the ways she is helping Queensland teachers and students develop skills required in the new Digital Technologies curriculum. Find out how Emily and her team are supporting the next generation of coders, creators, innovators and change makers.

During this web conference Emily will share some hands on activities used to develop and strengthen computational and design thinking skills. Learn Digital technologies for teachers – Find out how Coding Kids might be able to support you, your students or other teachers at your school. Here are some extra notes on the workshop.

The web conference room has been created but will not be accessible until about one hour prior to the event. If you are not a DET state school teacher you can access the web conference via iConnect.

DET state school teachers access the web conference using a link via the Learning Place.

Participants will need to have downloaded Java version 7 (if prompted to update to a later version, ignore). 

Children learning about how robots are learning to see and navigate their environment using machine learning techniques.

Children discovering computational thinking by designing their own computer game.



Check out our free teacher download. Learn to code with Scratch in 30 minutes.

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