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Online Coding Lessons for 7-15 year olds


Turn your child's interest in computers into creative, productive, learning time. Join our:

  • live online classes
  • during school holidays
  • after-school
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We can help you start an after-school STEM / innovation club: coding, robotics, design thinking, and entrepreneurship.

We run online PD to build teacher confidence and capability in delivering Digital Technologies. Make sense of new approaches to problem-solving:

  • computational/design/systems thinking
  • project management
  • entrepreneurship
  • build your own digital solutions

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We're featured in Twinkl's blog - Why Coding is the Skill of the Future for Children - Part One. Check out some of their other educational resources on Digital Technologies here.

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Find out what our students created

Lily & Hannah built TED (The Entertainment Droid), a companion robot for lonely people. TED can sing, greet you, tell a joke & more. 

Abby, Lola & Matilda built a 10-level maze game in Scratch. They created their own 3D design of a game controller and 3D printed it. 

Josh at our Gold Coast code camp created a 3D model of a Minion using Microsoft 3D Builder & built his own computer games and animations.

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Coding Kids is empowering children to be creators, innovators and change makers.

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