Teachers, join the sprint this January!

3-5 minutes each day for 10 days!


What is microlearning?

Microlearning is small learning units with highly focused learning outcomes. It involves 3-5 minutes of targeted learning experience.

Why microlearning?

Microlearning is becoming more relevant in an ever-changing world. Microlearning allows us to focus 3-5 minutes each day on targeted learning. The benefits include:

  • Small but consistent commitment
  • Learn by doing
  • Action and embed today and every day
  • Continual improvement

When we undertake a multi-day course, it’s like drinking from the firehose. There is a lot that we don’t remember and we are not able to start actioning all the learnings straight away. We still need to review the course at a later date.


Teacher PD microlearning sprint

We will be running a teacher PD microlearning sprint over the summer holidays. It will be delivered via Facebook live.

In the 10 days of our microlearning sprint we will cover:

Day 1: Introduction to the Digital Technologies subject
Day 2: Design thinking
Day 3: Systems thinking
Day 4: Programming expectations F-10
Day 5: Data & data representation
Day 6: Booleans and conditionals
Day 7: Digital Solutions for Year 3-4 students
Day 8: Digital Solutions for Year 5-6 students
Day 9: Digital Solutions for Year 7-8 students
Day 10: Integrating hardware and software into digital solutions

Each Facebook live video will be 3-5 minutes each day.


DatesJanuary 14th – January 25th 2019

Time: Approximately 10.00 am every day

The way Facebook live videos work is that even if you are not available to watch that exact time, it will be available to watch later on at a time that suits you. You can type into the comments section and ask questions. We will be able to respond to your questions and comments.


Late signups

If you would like to watch the videos after this event, we will be uploading all of our videos to this YouTube Microlearning Playlist.


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