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What is Coding Kids?

Coding Kids helps children achieve digital literacy, that is technology creation, through fun and play.

Coding Kids is for kids who want to create their own computer games, animations and digital art. Turn your child's interest in computers into creative, productive, learning time. Through their creations and with a focus on play and imagination children discover computational thinking, logic and design in a fun and engaging way.

We run classes:

  • During the school term (after school and on Saturdays)
  • Over the school holidays

We run classes in-person and online with trained, friendly Brisbane-based tutors! All of our tutors have Blue Cards or equivalent police checks.

Children will be able to show you the games, animations, interactive stories and digital art that they create.

Our Teaching Philosophy

We are driven by making sure the space we create is a safe learning environment, therefore all of our tutors are hand-picked and trained to a high standard. With this in mind, our teaching philosophy reflects a learning environment which is encouraging and supportive. We want to develop children who are creative, playful, informed, engaged, curious and empowered.

And we develop these attitudes towards learning through interactive classes, ensuring enough tutors are on hand to answer questions and help guide the children if they get stuck. We don’t give them the answers straight away, rather point them in the right direction to encourage them to solve their queries by testing their code. We believe this is the best way for the students to feel engaged with the curriculum and builds confidence.

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Coding Kids is empowering children to be creators, innovators and change makers.

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