What is Zoom?

Zoom is the program that we use to run our online classes, it’s how to access our classes. You can download it for free online. It’s free for you to use, we have a paid account so that it’s easy for all Coding Kids customer to use and access.


Downloading Zoom

Firstly, you can download Zoom online here for free. Ensure that you download Zoom Client for Meetings, as you can see below:


Please download Zoom Client for Meetings


Installing Zoom

Once you have downloaded Zoom, double-click on the file that you downloaded to run the installer. As Zoom is installing, it will look something like this:


This is what the Zoom installer looks like.


Using Zoom

Now, once you have finished installing Zoom, open up the program. The interface will look like this:


This is what the Zoom interface will look like.


Next, to join one of our Coding Kids online classes, you’ll need to first join our room. To do this, click on the “Join” button:


Click the “Join” button the join the Coding Kids room.


Once you have clicked the “Join button”, a window like this will appear:


After clicking the “Join” button, a window like this will appear.


We have our Meeting ID via email after you enrolled in an online class. Now, to join the appropriate room, please refer to the welcome email that was sent to you.

Finally, please ensure that, when you’re using Zoom, your screen name is set to your child’s name. This will make it easy for our tutors to know who is who. That’s how to access our classes online with zoom. 

Happy coding!

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