Getting ready for science week in Noosa – Robotics Professional Development (PD) workshops with Noosa Library last year (2016)

Coding and robotics in Noosa for National Science Week

Coding Kids is working with Noosa Library Services and Sunshine Beach State High School to deliver coding workshops for students, teachers and parents during National Science Week next week (12-20 August 2017).

Our National Science Week coding workshops strive to engage the community in becoming creators of technology and not just consumers of technology. Our programs strive to develop students to become creators, innovators and change makers by empathising with technology users and building their own digital solutions to solve community problems. Technology creation leads to being active contributors to the community. The knowledge and application of science leaves a positive impact on society. In its application, science is heavily integrated with humanities.

Learning to code not only teaches the surface skill of coding, but it also teaches computational thinking as an approach to problem solving and design thinking as an approach to innovation.

Noosa Library

Noosa Library Services will be delivering a suite of events for National Science Week including: STEM activities, coding and robotics, science storytelling, chemical reactions, scientific slime, and botany and microscopic exploration.

“The workshops are for students, as well as educators and parent/carers to help them equip their children with these new, fundamental digital skills,” Ms Tracey King, Manager of Noosa Library Services, said.

Noosa Library Service is grateful to receive funding to deliver this Science Week program and the program is proudly supported by an Advance Queensland Engaging Science Grant.

Sunshine Beach State High School

The Sunshine Beach State High School workshops include three Arduino workshops with Year 8 students and a parent/teacher workshop for Sphero robots.

Arduinos are circuit boards that have micro controllers. It can be used to control motors, lighting, cameras or even build a simple robot. At a simple level you can build a light switch with a button and LED light. For a more complex project you can build your own line following and/or wall avoiding robot that is powered with an Arduino.

Sphero robots are educational robots that can be used to teach students computational thinking, algorithms, geometry, maths, creative design, iterative development and learning from trial and error. These robots suit students in Years 3-6.

Coding Kids will be delivering these workshops at Sunshine Beach State High School on Thursday 17 and Friday 18 August.

Link to Noosa Council’s media release for their National Science Week program: “Robots, slime and chemical reactions”. Date: Monday 9 August, 2017.

You can join in

If you are interested in bringing Coding Kids to your community, please email us and we can work with you to apply for a grant to make this happen for free for your community.

Noosa Library Service’ Science Week Program


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