Let’s integrate Digital Technologies into your classroom. We have tips for integrating digital technologies for Prep to Year 3.

These two new Technologies subjects are best integrated into other existing subjects such as English, Science, and Maths, to name a few.

Here are the Digital Technologies class activities that can be integrated into your classroom for K-3: English, Maths, Art, and HASS.


Prep — Digital Technologies and English

Project: “My Favourite Story”

Students can read and choose their favourite story books. Then, as a class, read “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen.

The students can complete the accompanying worksheet based on Rosen’s story. Students are to help the family return to their house by drawing arrows to identify the steps that the family must take in order to get back to their house. Students can learn to give a sequence of instructions, in this case directions, to achieve a goal.

The accompanying worksheet to Michael Rosen’s “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”.

Year 1 — Digital Technologies and Maths

Project: “Follow My Directions”

In this class activity, students will learn:

– to identify and describe various components of a digital system, e.g. a computer

– to give instructions to others

– to follow instructions given by others

Students explore the various elements of a computer: the screen, the cursor, the mouse, and so forth. Create a “screen” by laying out images in a 4 x 4 grid on the floor, marked out using marking tape. Play a game by selecting three students to each play a role. The roles are:

  • User: This student will tell the mouse which image the cursor should point to
  • Cursor: This student will be blindfolded, and will only follow instructions from the mouse: walking forwards, backwards, left, right, etc. When the mouse says “click!”, the student removes their blindfold and says out loud what image they are standing on.
  • Mouse: This student will listen to the user, who will tell them which image to target. The user will then give the cursor instructions as to how they can get to the desired image. The mouse will then direct the cursor using the instructions forwards, backwards, left, right, and click.

Year 2 — Integrate Digital Technologies with Art

Project: “Staying Safe Online”

Students can create a digital art project about staying safe online using either Scratch, or the Scratch Junior app for tablets.

Year 3 — Digital Technologies and HASS

Project: “World Climates”

Students research world climates and select one. Have them create a game that teaches their peers about their chosen climate.

If you are interested in more class activities that integrate Digital Technologies and Design and Technologies into the other subjects for Prep to Year 6, see our e-book: Integrate Digital Technologies into the Classroom.

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