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School Holiday Coding Camps

  Do your kids enjoy playing computer games? Do you want them to be part of the digital revolution? Coding Kids runs holiday coding camps, so that your children can have fun learning how to program, create digital art, or make animations, among other things….

Let us help you win grant funding!

Are you a regional community looking to deliver outstanding STEM outreach programs? You might be eligible for Advance Queensland’s Engaging Science Grants, worth $10,000! Let us help you win that grant, and deliver an outstanding STEM outreach program for your community. We have already assisted…

Fun Palace Brisbane 2017

Fun Palaces Everyone an Artist, Everyone a Scientist What is the Fun Palace? The Fun Palace is a free annual and worldwide celebration of art and science. Every year, it takes place over the first weekend in October. In Queensland, the State Library of Queensland…

Digital Technologies in Year 3-4 Classrooms — On “Convict Crime and Punishment”

In a previous post, we discussed the integration of the Digital Technologies subject into Queensland schools. Just to refresh your memory on the subject, the Digital Technologies subject has a discrete curriculum, meaning that it is its own subject, complete with its own activities and learning outcomes. Part of the aims of the subject are to cover important concepts, such as algorithms and branching (also known as decision making).

Torres News: Robots in the Torres Strait!

Digital literacy is becoming as vital as traditional literacy and numeracy and Thursday Island school students are being introduced to robotics and coding to address this issue.

Primary and secondary school students, as well as members of the public, were given the opportunity to explore, play and learn about coding and robotics over a two-day workshop a couple of weeks ago organised by the Torres Shire Council.  

Glossary for New Scratchers

Compared to a lot of other programming languages, Scratch has quite a gentle learning curve. Still, getting started can be a little bit of a doozy if you’ve had zero prior experience with the kind of terminology used in programming. To help you out a bit, we’ve compiled a glossary of terms for new Scratchers!

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