Author: Erika Chumpia

Robotronica 2017

This year’s Robotronica at the Queensland University of Technology revealed some of the latest developments and trends within the field of robotics. Elnaz gives her account of the event, where she bore witness to a variety of demonstrations, workshops, games, and discussions that were informative, inspiring, and surprising in many ways!

Glossary for New Scratchers

Compared to a lot of other programming languages, Scratch has quite a gentle learning curve. Still, getting started can be a little bit of a doozy if you’ve had zero prior experience with the kind of terminology used in programming. To help you out a bit, we’ve compiled a glossary of terms for new Scratchers!

Tips for winning the Maze Rescue Challenge at Robocup Junior

This weekend, we — Elnaz and Emily — were judges at Robocup Junior Queensland for the Rescue Challenges. We oversaw two divisions: the Line Follow Rescue, and the Maze Rescue. Last year we gave you tips and tricks for the Line Follow Rescue Challenge; this year, the Maze Rescue Challenge was a new addition to Robocup Junior. From having watched many teams compete at many Maze Challenges, here are our tips and tricks for winning in 2018.

Looking for a dynamic speaker for your next event?

Are you looking for a dynamic speaker to present at your next event? Emily de la Peña is inspiring the next generation of creators, innovators and changemakers by empowering them to go beyond simply being technology consumers and encouraging them to become technology creators. She has made countless speeches on the topics of disrupting education; the intersection of education, technology and entrepreneurship; digital disruptions, and the changing nature of business, jobs and education, among other things.

Integrate Digital Technologies (F-3)

There are two new Technologies subjects being introduced into primary schools as part of the new Australian Curriculum for Prep to Year 6: Digital Technologies, and Design and Technologies.

Here are the Digital Technologies class activities that can be integrated into your classroom for Prep and Years 1-3.

Integrate Digital Technologies (4-6)

It’s 2017, and the new Digital Technologies subject is now starting to be introduced into Queensland schools, with full implementation of the subject expected to happen in 2020. The Digital Technologies subject is not a standalone subject: it is to be integrated into existing subject areas, such as English, Math, and Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), among other areas.Let’s have a look at how to integrate the Digital Technologies subject into other subjects for Years 4, 5 and 6.

Gold Coast Code Camp Models a Minion

Can you make a 3D minion? You would be surprised by how easy it is! During our four-day school holiday code camp on the Gold Coast, one of the activities that we did was modelling a printable 3D minion. We made it using Microsoft 3D Builder — a program that comes with Windows 10. Really, anyone can model a minion — read all about it here!

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