Students are required to sign up to Scratch and have a Scratch account. This allows them to save their projects online in their own personal profile. At home, they can show you their projects on your home computer.

Please note: An email address is required to sign up to Scratch. Only guardians can sign up minors to a platform with social features.

1. Go to the Scratch website.
2. Click on “Join Scratch” in the top navigation bar (top right corner)

3. Choose a username and password.

4. Provide your birth month and date, gender and country. These details will be kept private by the Scratch website.

5. Enter and confirm your email address.

6. Scratch will now send you an email to confirm your email address.

7. Log into your email account. Open the email from Scratch. Click on the orange
coloured button “Confirm my email address”.

Now you are logged in. Please bring your username and password to class. See you at Coding Kids.

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