We have so much in store for you at Holiday Hackafun these school holidays! Come along to our workshops of full-day fun and learning! Here’s a sneak peak at just a few of the projects we’ll be making:


Our junior program

For students aged 7-10, we have a wide range of fun projects planned! Check our some of the courses we have available:


The Engineering Challenge™

Engineering challenges are a great activity that provide an opportunity to kids to employ teamwork and communication to build a mini-tower or mini-bridge! In this race against clock, who will emerge victorious as the World’s Greatest Engineer(s)?


An incredible feat of engineering!



Scratch is a great way to build fun and interesting digital projects! Whether you’re brand new to coding or you already have a few years of Scratch under your belt, there are always new and intellectually stimulating projects to build.

Scratch is a visual-based programming language, meaning that students can create code using drag-and-drop blocks!

We have 70+ Scratch projects available, so at our Holiday Hackafun, you will never be doing the same project twice!


Building digital projects in Scratch!


Makey Makey

Makey Makeys are electronic invention kits that you can use to create your very own hardware! It’s a great complement to Scratch projects, as it allows us to make our very own game controllers, rock bands, and much more using basic principles of electronics!


Coding kids students

Making a game controller using cardboard, alfoil, and the power of science! (Specifically, electronics.)



Ozobots are small robots that can be programmed to do a wide range of different things! They can sense colours, and use colours to understand instructions and make decisions. We can use drag and drop coding blocks to program Ozobots. This is what Ozobot code, called Ozoblockly, looks like.


Write an Ozobots program using Ozoblocky!


Using Ozoblocky, we can make Ozobots following lines, light up like a Christmas tree, or spin around in circles, among other things! There are 8+ challenges to complete. Will you be able to complete them all these holidays?


Programming Ozobots!


Our senior program

Our senior program is a mix of intellectually challenging and fun coding activities for students aged 11-15! Check out the courses that we have available:



For students who have are proficient with Scratch, Python is a fantastic way to develop their skills and knowledge of coding further! Python is a text-based programming language, so we recommend it for students who:

  • are confident with Scratch,
  • possess a working knowledge of computing concepts
  • have advanced typing skills, and
  • have a firm grasp of maths

Python is a great way to further the capabilities of what is possible with programming!


Coding with Python!


Web Dev

For people on the cusp of our junior and senior program, Web Development is a great way to bridge the gap between Scratch and Python! Although many of the languages used in Web Dev (such as HTML and CSS) are text-based, its gentle learning curve makes it easier to get started with text-based programming languages. Why not build your own website while you’re at it?



For advanced users of Python, micro:bits are a fun and challenging way to engage in hardware integration. A micro:bit is a tiny, programmable computer with a in-built 5 x 5 LED grid. We use Python to program Micro:bit to do various tasks.

Why not learn how to simulate emojis on the LED grid using Python?


A micro:bit simulating a heart emoji!


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Come along and build something awesome these school holidays!


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