Learning to code is for everyone. Coding is a tool that enables you to build your own projects, digital solutions, computer games, animations, interactive digital art and much more. We want to make coding classes accessible to everyone because it is such a powerful and enabling tool. Our coding classes, after-school clubs and holiday programmes are now available in Auslan and many other signed languages.

Our Coding Mentor, Shawn Phua is profoundly deaf. He has a Bachelor of Arts – Sociology (Specialising in Special Education and Geography).

Shawn can communicate fluently in:

– Auslan

– Signing in the English Order (Sign-Supported English)

– Key Word Signing

– Australian Signed English

– Australian Pidgin Signed English

Contact us if you would like support in teaching Digital Technologies, coding and robotics via Auslan or other signed languages. Shawn is based in Brisbane.

Introducing Shawn Phua, our Auslan fluent Coding Mentor.

“Hi. My name is Shawn. I am Deaf. I’m a Coding Mentor with Coding Kids. At Coding Kids we teach children to build their own computer games, animation movies and interactive digital art. It’s a lot of fun. Come along. I can communicate fluently in Auslan, Signing in the English Order, Sign-Supported English, Key Word Signing and Australia Signed English.”

Welcome to Coding Kids

“Welcome to Coding Kids. At Coding Kids children learn to build their own computer games, animation movies and interactive digital art. It’s a lot of fun and you can make new friends.”

School Holiday Code Camp in South Brisbane

“These school holidays, join our Holiday Code Camp in South Brisbane. At the Code Camp you will learn to build your first computer game. Learn to code with other children. It’s a lot of fun.”

Coding Clubs at your school

“Coding Kids runs after-school code camps at schools around Brisbane. Bring Coding Kids to your school. Together we can build computer games and animation movies. You can learn to code and invent digital projects.”

Why is learning to code fun?

“It’s fun to code. You can make new friends who like the same things as you. You can build new things. You can build things like: computer games, animation movies, digital art and much more.”

Contact us here or 0449 162 677 (Emily) if you would like to deliver Digital Technologies, coding and robotics in Auslan at your school.



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