It’s more likely than you think!

Take a look at Kids coding club in Thargomindah. From the outside, Thargomindah is just a small town in the Shire of Bulloo, roughly 1,000 kilometres west of Brisbane — not too far from the Queensland/South Australia/New South Wales border.



It’s a little remote, sure — but if you’re in or around Thargomindah, you’ll be pleased to know that Bulloo Shire Council will be hosting holiday code clubs for the local students of Thargomindah!


Kids coding club in Thargomindah?

Not quite. Unfortunately, we can’t be there in person to teach classes — but we will be delivering coding workshops online! The local library will be hosting the code club in one of their meeting rooms. Our Coding Mentor, Zach, will be delivering classes online via one of the library’s large TV screens.



How does it work?

Our Coding Mentor will share his screen with the students, so that they can see a visual of the concepts being discussed. Students will work on their own projects, and show Zach their work as they progress through the curriculum. Zach will be there, ready to assist them with any debugging that needs to be done!



Although the class is delivered online, it is a highly interactive experience between the students and the Coding Mentor.


Tell me more!

Online code clubs can be delivered at any library, whether it’s PD for local teachers and librarians, or workshops for student code clubs.

We can deliver online code clubs wherever you are, so if you’re interested, be sure to check out our website for upcoming online code clubs! Just like the kids coding club in Thargomindah.


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