Online code clubs

Build something awesome!

Coding Kids offers fun, interactive enrichment programs for 7-15 year olds to give them the best advantage for the future. Give them the opportunity to build something awesome. We have online code clubs during the April school holidays, after-school in Term 2, and on Saturdays.

Online code clubs are a convenient way to access our friendly, trained tutors. All of our tutors have Blue Cards and are based in Brisbane. Online code clubs are interactive and tutors are able to share their screen with students as well as point the cursor on the student's screen to aid explanations.

We develop children who are creative, curious, empowered, and engaged. We encourage creators, problem solvers, creative thinkers and explorers.

Our workshops cover:

  • coding, robotics, and STEM
  • innovation
  • entrepreneurship

Online code clubs are available as:

  • after-school code clubs (Term 2)
  • Saturday code clubs
  • school holiday code clubs (April school holidays)

Your child will learn about:

  • computational thinking (writing algorithms to solve problems)
  • creative thinking
  • problem solving, maths and logic
  • design (graphic design and user interface, how the user uses the software)
  • innovation and design thinking (problem solving through empathy for the user and iterative design)

Your child will build projects such as:

  • designing their own computer game, e.g. text adventure games, recreating Pac-man or other classic arcade games
  • exploring maths in a fun and adventurous way, e.g. creating spirography with Python's Turtle and experimenting with geometry, maths and angles
  • being creative with interactive, digital artwork e.g. creative animations which respond to sound, camera image movement, and other user inputs such as key presses.

Why choose us?

  • people over machine
  • learning outcomes over product outcomes
  • developing future-proofed transferable skills

No one knows what the future holds, but if we can develop children who are curious and engaged, they will be ready and excited in a world of change.

Beginners welcome

For beginners, we would recommend these programs:

  • codeBuilder.Scratch for 7-10 year olds
  • hackafun.Python for 10-15 year olds
  • hackafun.WebDev for 10-15 year olds

We also deliver advanced programs for our Hackafun courses.

Coding Kids online code clubs are available as after-school clubs, Saturday code clubs and holiday code clubs.