School holidays are around the corner, so come along to free holiday tech events for kids. What better time to engage children with fun tech activities where they can learn about how technology can be used as a tool to create fun games and helpful robots, invent webapps, and innovate, with the potential of  making an impact to our community. Our holiday tech events are a great way for children to engage with state-of-the art technology that has been created right here in our Queensland backyard. Did we mention they’re all free?

Event: Holoverse

Where: Gold Coast

Date: Tuesday 20 September

Time: 10:00am-12:00pm

Age: 5-12 year olds

Cost: Free

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At Holoverse, children get to experience a virtual reality adventure. It includes an educational tour of how the technology works, how it has improved on traditional graphics technology as well as experiencing the virtual reality adventure game. Students who have already experienced coding in the classroom will be able to see the connection between what they are learning and a real life commercial application.

Event: Australian Centre for Robotic Vision

Where: QUT, Gardens Point Campus, Brisbane

Date: Thursday 22 September

Time: 11:00am-12:00pm

Age: 5-12 year olds

Cost: Free

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The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision has invited us to join them on a tour around their research centre. The ability for robots to see is the remaining technological roadblock to the ubiquitous deployment of robots into society. The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision is focussed on the development technologies to enable robots to “see” and understand their environment. In time, these robots will be able to have significant impact on various industries: environmental, agricultural, medical, logistics, education, and customer service.

Children will be able to meet and touch state-of-the-art prototype robots that are being designed in Brisbane. Children will be able to extend on their experiences of programming educational robots such as mBot, Pepper and Sphero in the classroom by meeting robots that are being designed to solve real world issues.

Event: “Build your first computer game” workshops and Dance Dance Revolution installation at Fun Palace

Where: State Library of Queensland, Brisbane

Date: Saturday 1 October

Time: 10:30am-3.30pm

Age: 8-14 year olds

Cost: Free

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Fun Palace aims to engage children in the celebration of artists and scientists. Coding Kids is offering a number of free coding workshops throughout the day. These “Build your first computer game” workshops are open to to 8-14 year olds with no prior coding knowledge. We will be using Scratch to learn to programme.  Computers will be provided at the State Library of Queensland. Bookings are required for the workshops.

We will also be running a Dance Dance Revolution installation made with a MaKey MaKey and Scratch. Learn about circuitry, conductive and nonconductive materials and how to invent and create tactile-digital games using aluminium foil, cardboard, copper tape, MaKey MaKey and Scratch. No bookings are required to experience this activity. Just turn up!

All of these free holiday tech events for kids are fun, educational experiences with no prerequisite knowledge required. You too can be a technologist, innovator, changemaker, creator, inventor or roboticist. Join us and experience the wonders of science and technology.


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