Scratch, Python, Javascript, Java, C#. Are you starting to feel overwhelmed already? And it doesn’t get any easier when your tech-savvy friend recommends one language, your HR friend recommends another and a recent news article says that a third one is the way of the future. So how can you cut through the confusion and make sure your child has the best start in the coding world? To guide you through the minefield of programming languages, I’m sharing my top tips for where to start when introducing your child to code.

What Should I Be Looking For In a Programming Language?

When you’re looking to introduce your child to the world of programming, you’re looking for a language that will get them to:

  • Build confidence & develop a sense of mastery
  • Learn the core concepts of programming
  • Have fun

Building Confidence & Developing Mastery

Whether your child is starting to learn how to count, play the piano or code, they need to be able to set little goals and reach achievements in manageable increments. It is important for the programming language that your child starts on allows them to progress without being bogged down by things that they can learn as their skills improve. Thankfully, there are many languages that allow kids to work in a tailored environment that takes care of the periphery and allows them to focus on their code.

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The Core Concepts of Programming

Programming languages are not the same – that’s why so many exist! However, most programming languages have a core structure that means that your kids can start learning the core elements that transfer to almost every programming language they will encounter.

Have Fun!

We all know that one of the best ways to get kids engaged in learning is to let them have fun, which means the best language to get your kids keen on code is not one that relys on a 1,000 page manual. Look for a programming language that introduces fun characters, colours and sounds to let the kids have fun with their coding creativity.

We Recommend:

At Coding Kids we recommend kids start exploring code using:

  • Scratch
  • Python

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Why Scratch?

Scratch is a good choice for younger kids ( less than 10 ) as it provides an easy, fun and engaging environment to introduce basic programming concepts. Scratch has a fun drag-and-drop environment where kids can use engaging characters, sounds and colours to build code. No typing necessary!

Why Python?

For older children ( ages 10 + ) that have outgrown Scratch, Python is a fantastic option! This real-world programming language is simple enough for kids to read and code! Yet it’s still powerful enough to provide a challenge for even the most tech-savvy kids.

Get Your Kids Learning Today

Now that you know what to look for in a programming language, the next step is to get your child learning! Signing your kids up to one of school-term classes or holiday programs run by Coding Kids is a super easy ways to get your kid hooked on coding. We tailor these programs to spark the love of technology by providing a fun environment for children to build on their coding skills. Check our current programs out today!

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