Are you struggling to keep your kids occupied during the school holidays?

It’s the middle of the school holidays, you’re supposed to be at work and the kids have all this spare time. This can be a tricky time for working parents. It’s not always easy keeping the kids occupied. There are a few holiday options available such as vacation care, taking annual leave and staying home with the kids, or sharing care with other parents.

I understand that the choices are not easy, because maybe you’re feeling guilty leaving them somewhere, or perhaps you’re wondering if there are educational and creative activities available. Maybe your child has a specific interest and you would like for them to meet other like minded children.

Let me tell you about Jane. After work, Jane picks up 10 year old Billy from his holiday program. Billy can not stop talking about it and all the awesome things he has built. Billy learned to code and he created his own version of Pacman from scratch. Also he learned about circuits and built his own game controller using wires and lollies. By the end of the day, Billy was feeling confident to start dabbling in his first text based programming language, Python. He wrote his first program that created interesting animations by experimenting with colour, shapes, and sizes. Billy can’t wait to go back the next day. Now he wants to build a text adventure game using Python and he’s looking forward to the 3D modelling and 3D printing activities.

Guess what Billy can do during the school holidays!

learning to code at school holiday coding camp

If you have a budding Billy, maybe Holiday Hackafun is for you. Holiday Hackafun is a fun, friendly full-day program where children can learn and explore coding, electronics, robotics, graphic design, 3D printing and more. We have fully trained tutors with backgrounds in technology, design, maths or sciences. Our program is specially aligned with the new Digital Technologies curriculum, which is now implemented in all Australian schools. In addition, as a full-day program, there is also plenty of time for outdoor play.

Holiday Hackafun is a great holiday program to explore, create and learn with like minded children. With a full-day program, there is plenty of time for outdoor play, structured classes, and free time for projects. Venues are located all around Brisbane: Hendra, Bulimba, Yeronga and Middle Park. If you would like to find out more about worry-free school holidays, click here.

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