Here at Coding Kids, we are so proud of how much progress our students make in every coding session they take part in. Whether they are a beginner who is starting on their coding journey or a confident coder who wants to continue to expand his/her knowledge, Coding Kids has it covered. Today, we want to share with you some of our super coders and celebrate their achievements.


Ryan – Most Progress for 2022

Ryan has been with Coding Kids since 2021 and he continues to make huge progress in each session. He began with our Python course and has now moved on to focus on 3d modelling with his brother, Owen. It has been great to see his imagination and creativity shine in his projects. We are so keen to see where these skills will take him in the future. Never stop coding Ryan. Well done!


Owen – Champion of 3D Modelling

Owen started with Coding Kids in 2022 and has made huge progress with his tutor. In his 3d modelling class with his brother, Ryan, it has been so impressive to see his ideas come to life. He has shown confidence and persistence when faced with problem-solving challenges. We’re excited to see what’s next Owen, great work! 



L + A – Joint Champions of Scratch

Both L and A are so amazing at Scratch, we had to give both of them the title of Scratch champion! Since 2021, both boys have been working hard to improve their block coding skills. They impress their tutor with their creativity, determination and understanding of the Scratch coding language. Both L and A are determined coders, and we can’t wait for them to progress onto the next stage!



Jamilla – Champion of Python

Jamilla started with Coding Kids in 2021 and continues to shine in her Python sessions. It has been great to see her explore a variety of problem-solving approaches within her projects. Everyone at Coding Kids is excited to see the heights she will reach with her new skills. Keep up the amazing work Jamilla!


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