We have so much in store for you for July school holiday Hackafun: Monday 16 – Friday 27 July 2018. Here is a sneak peak.

Ozobot challenges

We have new challenges for kids for the July school holiday. Ozobots are great little robots, they can sense colours and use that to understand instructions and make decisions.

Ozobot challenge #1

Program Ozobot to stay fenced in within a red circle on a white background

Ozobot challenge #2

Program Ozobot to navigate out of a maze.

We can use drag and drop coding blocks to program Ozobots. This is what Ozobot code, called Ozoblockly, looks like.

App development

We will build iOS and Android apps using drag and drop coding blocks. Parents will be able to play their child’s app on their phone. Some game apps we will build:

  • Pat the cat app: Stroke the cat on your phone’s screen, the cat will meow and the phone will vibrate.
  • Or if you are a dog person, you can also make a ‘Pet the dog’ app.  
  • Ball Bounce app: Push the ball with your finger and it will bounce off the edges endlessly.
  • My paint app: Pick a colour and paint with your finger on the phone screen.

Even in building apps, we can still use drag and drop coding blocks. This is what the code looks like.

Micro:bit games

Micro:bit is a tiny, programmable computer. It has in-built 5 x 5 LED grid. We use Python to program Micro:bit to do various tasks.

Emoji sim project

Program to display various emoji emotions e.g. smile, sad face, using the  5 x 5 LED grid.

Rock dodge game

Program a game using the 5 x 5 LED grid. The player is represented by one lit LED at the bottom of the grid. A ‘rock’, represented by a lit LED, falls downward. The player has to avoid the ‘rock’ by tilting the Micro:bit left and right to move the player LED to avoid the falling rock.


You can see that we have a few new classes and projects in store for 7-15 year olds these upcoming July school holiday Hackafun. Stay in touch to find out more and enrol.



  • Bulimba State School
  • Yeronga State School
  • Hendra State School
  • Middle Park State School
  • Ipswich Junior Grammar School
  • Online code clubs


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