Who says coding isn’t for girls?

It’s 2024. I’m not sure why, but I still keep hearing parents talk about how their girls could not possibly be interested in coding and robotics. They say it is because, you know, it’s all about cars and mechanics and not traditionally feminine things. However, this is simply not true!

Check out some of our super fun, creative designs and tech projects.

Rio Samba dancer

This Rio Samba Dancer responds to sounds. Clap your hands and make her dance. Made with LittleBits, cardboard, feathers, pipe cleaners, glue, sticky tape.

Auto greeter (hand waving)

Make an AutoGreeter with LittleBits, cardboard, feathers and sticky tape. Use for your school, office or community space.

Dancing ballerina

Make a Dancing Ballerina with LittleBits, pipe cleaners and cardboard. Build your own jewellery box and house your dancing ballerina.

Remote controlled robots bulldozing

How are your Dash robot driving skills? Compete with friends. Collect as many Lego pieces as you can and bring them to your home base.

Robot playing Twinkle Twinkle on xylophone

Can you recognise what song Dash is playing?

The Interview, made in Scratch

Want to build a computer game character that you can have a conversation with? Learn about data types and strings by building your own interview-style game in Scratch.

Merry Christmas e-card

Make an animated Christmas e-card this Christmas. Email it to your loved ones. Who says coding isn’t for girls?

Tech is not inherently masculine. It is neutral because it is a tool. It is a tool that can be used to create things from your imagination, whether you are into unicorns, ballerinas and cupcakes or skeletons, vehicles and monsters. Who says coding isn’t for girls?


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