Coding Micro Degrees: especially designed for 10-15 year olds

Are you looking for programs to learn to code for teenagers? You’ve come to the right place. We have coding micro degrees especially designed for 10-15 year olds.

10-15 years old is a great time to explore the wider world. To explore and develop thinking skills: creative thinking, problem solving, and innovation skills. Engage in learning by building fun projects. Learn new skills without the pressures of university or the unhelpful getting-a-job mindset.

Primary school coding programs, which target 5-10 year olds, tends to cover computational thinking skills via block coding. Examples of block coding are Scratch or Tynker. Block coding allows students to explore and develop computational thinking skills with minimal typing, spelling or computer skills. However, to get to the next step, is text-based programming languages, these skills become a pre-requisite.

Our programs suit beginner programmers aged 10-15 years old, as well as educators looking to upskill and deliver engaging, real-world coding programs for teenagers in their classrooms. Features of our programs include:

  • 100% beginner friendly
  • Designed especially for 10-15 year olds
  • Educator packs available
  • Learn from the comfort of your own home
  • Learn at your own pace

Pre-requisite skills for our micro degrees for teenagers are:

  • Some typing skills or enthusiasm for taking on the challenge to learn typing skills
  • Using a mouse, including left mouse click and right mouse click
  • Creating folders in your local drive
  • Saving files in specified folders in your local drive
  • Finding files in your local drive



Coding kids students working on a computer


Learn to code for teenagers. It is a great age to start learning to code, create, and innovate. With freedom to learn for the pure love of learning, but also setting them up for the future. Sign up for our courses available for teenagers

  1. Game Design Micro Degree for 10-15 year olds
  2. Web Dev Micro Degree for 10-15 year olds
  3. Cyber Security Micro Degree for 14-16 year olds

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