Coding Kids has been teaching kids to code since our inception in 2017. Across the course of our journey from fledgling startup to established business, we’ve met more than a few amazing kids who have made unbelievable strides in their time with us. Today, we wanted to spotlight just a few of our super coders and celebrate their accomplishments!


Mr. D, Champion of the Holiday Hackafun

Mr. D is a long-standing champion of our Holiday Hackafun programs! He has been with us ever since we first started our Coding Kids journey in 2017. In his time with us, Mr. D has conquered many of our holiday activities and has since progressed onto text-based languages! He has done web development courses with us, and is a current student of Python. Never stop coding, Mr. D!



Mr. J, Champion of the Online

Mr. J is the champion of our online code clubs! His journey with us started at our Holiday Hackafun camps, and he has since gone on to complete every conceivable Scratch project we have on offer. We can’t wait to see where Mr. J goes from here!


Mr. H, Champion of All Trades

Mr. H is our Master of Many™! Mr. H has conquered many of our Holiday Hackafun and school term programs, and in his journey across our curriculum, he has developed a toolkit of various visual-based programming languages. You may have seen him in our newsletters and on our social media pages displaying his prowess in Scratch, Ozobots, 3D Modelling and Tynker! Mr. H is a faithful coder, and we can’t wait to him progress into stage two: text-based programming languages!


Honourable mentions

But these super coders aren’t the only people who deserve to be spotlighted. Here are a few of our other coding legends who deserve a hearty shoutout!


Jack & Harry

Jack and Harry have done 80 classes with us each!

  • Jack is a coding superstar! He is a master of text-based programming languages and has done numerous courses with us in Python, Web Dev and App Dev. He has also received tailor lessons on JavaScript.
  • Harry has done a number of Scratch classes with us and we would love to see him continue!


Nanoe & Niek

Nanoe and Niek have each done 65 classes!

  • Nanoe and Niek are avid Scratch coders! Nanoe has made some beautiful projects and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next.
  • Niek has continued Python with us in our online classrooms, and we are keen to see the heights he’ll reach with his skills!


Edward & Henry

Edward and Henry have done 50 classes each!

  • Edward and Henry have participated in both our Holiday Hackafun camps in addition to many in-person Scratch classes. We can’t wait to see them in future terms!


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