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Kingaroy, Queensland: Coding workshops to prepare young children for jobs of the future

We are in Kingaroy and Nanango this week visiting schools and delivering free coding workshops for everyone. Coding is a force for change in this world and I am really looking forward to showing young children that they too can create digital solutions for the community, and helping teachers integrate the digital technologies into the classroom.

Transforming my son’s screen time one coding class at a time!

Managing my son’s screen time and online gaming has (so far) been my biggest everyday parenting challenge. I’ve set time limits. I’ve ensured he does other activities before screen is allowed. And I’ve ‘Mum-splained’ many times that the TV and iPad do not count as a ‘screen break’ from his computer. He also does a number of sports. I have every strategy going, and yet screen time still feels like an ongoing negotiation, requiring energy I don’t have. He is nearly ten and he is exceptionally persistent when it comes to computers.

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