Are you a primary school teacher? Are you a primary school Head of Curriculum? Are you looking at how to easily introduce digital technologies, coding and robotics at your school? We have two free teacher tools for you.

  1. Implement Digital Technologies now
  2. 11 tips to start coding & robotics at your school  

This free teacher tool looks at simple unplugged and digital class activities that you can implement in the classroom today. We have class activities for Prep to Year 6 students.

Unplugged activities include arts and crafts activities as well as physical, classroom games to learn computational / design / systems thinking.

Digital activities include visual programming e.g. Scratch, simple robotics such as BeeBots, electronics with Makey Makey, and creating infographics with Canva.

Get your students started with developing their own digital solutions to solve community problems and integrate Digital Technologies with other learning areas.

This free ebook steps you through 11 tips of how to easily start coding and robotics classes in your classroom. This is a great guide for primary school teachers and heads of curriculum.


Tips include:

  • Quick and easy unplugged activities that teach writing algorithms and sorting data
  • Visual programming and how to use drag and drop coding blocks to write programs
  • Moving on from visual programming to textual programming with Python
  • Simple robotics with Lego Mindstorms
  • Managing extra-curricular / after-school workshops
  • Tech innovation competitions and school excursions
  • And more


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