Coding isn’t just for computer whizzes—anyone can learn to code, and Family Coding Days is the perfect way to start! At Coding Kids, we believe that learning to code is more fun when it’s done together. That’s why we encourage families to join us for an evening of learning and laughter.

Family Coding Days can be the highlight of your week, providing a unique opportunity for bonding while building valuable skills. During these events, families participate in hands-on activities that introduce the basics of coding in a light and enjoyable manner.

You don’t need any previous coding experience to join. We’ll guide you through simple, fun projects that everyone can enjoy. You might create a simple animation, design a video game character, or even program a small robot. The activities are designed to be engaging for both kids and adults, ensuring a memorable experience for the whole family.

Besides being a great way to spend time together, Family Coding Days also helps demystify computer science for kids and adults alike. It shows everyone that coding is not just useful but also accessible and enjoyable.

Are you ready to host your own Family Coding Days? Email us at Coding Kids for tips, resources, and support to organize an activity that your family and friends will love. Let’s make coding a family affair!