What is Python?

Python is a high-level, general-purpose computer programming language. It has been used in
many popular applications: YouTube, DropBox, Google, Quora, Instagram, BitTorrent, Spotify,
and Reddit.

In this course, you can use Python to program computer games, animations, dynamic
websites, development boards and much more.

Why Python?

Python is now a part of many high school Digital Technologies subject and is often a first year
university subject in Bachelor of IT degrees. Python has simple syntax, is highly readable and
useful for any beginner project. It is quick to learn and allows you move on from block coding
to a text-based programming language to build fun, creative projects.


This is an overview of our 12 month Python programming pathway. It is made up of four 10-
week courses, delivered each school term.



 Level 1 Course   Level 2 Course   Level 3 Course   Level 4 Course
Discover the fundamentals of computational thinking. Consolidate fundamentals & explore more challenging concepts. Apply more advanced concepts in more complex problems.  Extend yourself. Design your own projects. Let your imagination guide your development.
– Commands
– Numbers
– Strings
– Lists
– Conversions
– Loops
– Branch statements
– Random numbers
– Introduction to Turtle
   – Revision of basic concepts
– More complex uses of Turtle
– Printing and input
– Loops
– Conditional
– Variables
– Lists
– Random numbers
– Timers
– Basics of dictionaries
– Introduction to using files as input and output
  – Application of concepts in
different situations
– Advanced strings
– Tuples
– Coordinates
– Keybinding
– Creating functions
– Timers
– Advanced list techniques
– Advanced dictionaries
– More challenging use of files as input and output
 – String manipulation
– Writing and reading files
– Program control via key press
– Objects
– Classes
– Inheritance
– Loops
– Conditionals
– Variables
– Data structures
– More challenging functions
 Projects built:
– Dragon Door
– for Loop Shapes
– Geometry Turtle
– Interactive Turtle
– Magic 8 ball
– Wandering
 Projects built:
– Caesar Cipher
– Functions
– Phonebook
– Rock, Paper, Scissors
– Shopping List
– ToDo List
– Turtle Clock
 Projects built:
– Advanced Strings
– Customize turtle
– Controllable turtle
– Sierpinski’s triangle
– Guess the random number
 Projects built:
– Bagels
– Dragon
– Jokes
– Pong
– Tic Tac Toe
– Build your own project



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