Lilly Windisch

Lilly loves technology and began coding her own art websites as a teenager using CSS and HTML. Lilly is a junior Ruby developer, Rails Girl Next alumni, Rails Camp attendee and has given several talks about beginner coding topics. She also has knowledge of Python and JavaScript. Lilly has participated in two coding competitions in 2016, Rails Rumble and Node Knockout, with the latter winning the fun category. She is currently one unit away from having a degree in Library Information Sciences.

Lilly is passionate about art and continues to work as an illustrator on various projects, including illustrating covers for children’s novels. She is interested in combining both art and code to create fun web apps. She lived in Germany for 4 years and is fluent in German.

Lilly has worked as:

  • A commercial and children’s book illustrator
  • Online store dispatch manager
  • Painting tutor