Emily de la Pena

Emily loves technology, podcasts, follows the startup scene in Brisbane and abroad, and is passionate about learning (languages - spoken and programming, dancing, psychology, economics and philosophy).

Emily started Coding Kids because she could see that through fun, wholesome, productive activities children can learn digital literacy, a valuable and transferable skill. Today we live in a new world led by an expansion of new ideas.

Emily received an award as Community Digital Champion (2016) as part of the Advance Queensland Initiative. 

Emily has worked as:

- a traffic and transport engineer

- a teacher at a German-English bilingual kindergarten and at English language holiday programs for primary and secondary students in Germany

- a Mentor at CoderDojo

- a high school physics, maths and chemistry tutor

- the Community Cause Accounts Manager at Gifts4Good, a local social enterprise which provides innovative fundraising for non-profits and community groups.

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Listen to host David Iliffe interview Emily about Coding Kids on 612 ABC Radio Brisbane

Watch the Vine video of Emily as she receives her award from Leeanne Enoch MP for Community Digital Champion