emily de la pena, Founder

Emily created Coding Kids to encourage children learn digital literacy through fun, wholesome, and productive activities. She loves technology, podcasts, follows the startup scene in Brisbane and abroad, and is passionate about learning. She believes that we now live in a world led by an expansion of new ideas.



Andrew zubiri, Digital Marketing

Andrew leads digital marketing at Coding Kids. He is passionate about technology, digital media and communications.  He was über-educated in the Philippines and Germany, and has worked for various organizations in the Philippines and the US.



Laura Warrender, Digital Technologies Curriculum developer

Laura worked in Scotland as a Primary Teacher before making the move to Australia. She has a Bachelor of Education Degree. She has previous experience teaching coding to children and LOVES technology.

Laura wants to inspire the next generation to get creative with digital technology and computer coding.


Billy cody, Business IT solutions

Billy is all about technology. He enjoys following all the latest trends and figuring out how things work. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Information Technology at USQ, majoring in Networking and Security. Billy hopes to grow up to be the guy who tells people to “Try turning it off then on again”.

Billy has an active interest in programming and gaming, and wants to share that passion with whoever he can. He aspires to become the next Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs, but is yet to discover that “next big thing”. His foray into chemical engineering didn’t work out, but has found his true calling as an IT student.