Learning computer programming concepts can be a bit tricky. The team at Coding Kids have developed a series of Scratch projects to help our students explore computer programming concepts. Some concepts can be a bit tricky to understand, but if we can explore them in a fun, visual and playful way, it is possible to pick up. See our list below to find Scratch projects that may suit your learning needs.

  1. Number lines – we play with Scratch cat on a number line, along the x-axis and the y-axis, separately
  2. XY coordinates – we play with Scratch cat on XY coordinates, to the size of the Scratch stage
  3. If statements & operators – we play with Scratch cat to understand how the if block and equality block works
  4. Event blocks – we experiment with various event blocks to see how it can trigger code to execute
  5. Variables – we play a Scratch game that helps us to calculate arithmetic using variables
  6. Count to 10 (repeat block) – we discover two ways to code up Scratch cat to count from 1 to 10, with and without a repeat block, and see how repeat blocks make code more efficient and easy to make changes
  7. Sequencing – we discover how a computer reads and executes instructions / commands
  8. Repeat & forever – we experiment with using repeat and forever blocks
  9. If block & touching – we play with conditional statements and collision detection (touching)
  10. Variables and player dashboard – we create multiple variables for a player dashboard, one variable increases in value the other variable decreases in value
  11. Strings and input – we play with saying strings, joining strings, and input (ask and answer blocks)
  12. Touching blocks – we play with different ways of sensing touching, sprites or colours
  13. Cloning: create, when I start as a clone, delete this clone – we explore how we can use cloning to create multiples of the same sprite by programming the original sprite and the cloned sprites.
  14.  Broadcasting messages – we discover how one sprite can send messages to other sprites or backdrops and trigger them to start the execution of scripts

Learn about XY coordinates with Scratch cat.


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