It’s easy! You too can teach your own introductory 8-week coding course with these ready-to-use Scratch course lesson plans. These Scratch projects are suitable for coding classes for 8-12 year olds. Children will be able to build their very own computer games, digital artwork and animated stories. Teach your students about animations, sequencing, iteration, conditionals, XY coordinates, input and output and more.

You will be able to deliver your very own introductory 8-week Scratch course for 8-12 year olds. Each week, teach a fun, new project where they can learn the fundamentals of coding. Create your own imaginary worlds and characters where they can go on an adventure, solve problems and achieve goals.

We also show you how to create an animated e-card for special occasions, e.g. Mother’s Day or Christmas.

Scratch is a great way to learn visual programming. Use drag and drop blocks to learn computational thinking, problem solving, creative thinking and design.

Learning outcomes are identified for each Scratch project in the lesson plans.



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