School: St Joseph’s Primary School, Kangaroo Point

Mid-term: Term 3, 2018

Course: Scratch – Space and Exploration


Dear parents,

We are now half-way through Term 2. Below you will find the projects that your child has created and the concepts learned with Coding Kids. We will also be sending an end-of-term update.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Land the Spaceship (Week 1)

In the first week, we use the arrow keys to land the spaceship onto the landing pad.

We learn to:

  • Create a gravity effect, i.e. if we do nothing, the spaceship will fall with gravity
  • Use the arrow keys as inputs
  • Use XY coordinates
  • Use collision detection, i.e. the rocket ship detects when it is touching the landing pad and the gravity effect no longer influences it


Aliens are Catching a Lift (Week 2)

Catch the aliens but not the robots.

We learn to:

  • Join strings (a data type), i.e. text, and include the use of a variable in displaying text
  • Use random number generation
  • XY coordinates
  • Collision detection
  • Branching or conditional statements


Space Animation Movie (Week 3)

Animation movie as an example:
Making an animation mini-movie is one of the most creative things you can design with coding. Each student makes their own animation movie over 2 weeks.

Before we start coding up an animation movie, we first need to sketch up a storyboard. Here is one we made earlier.

We learn to:

  • Time conversations
  • Change direction and size of sprites to indicate depth
  • Turn sprites around
  • Show and hide objects in each scene
  • Show text in the title screen and the end screen
  • Use broadcast to change scenes

Asteroid Smash (Week 4)

Use the arrow keys to control the movement of the rocketship. Press space key to shoot at the asteroids.

We learn to:

  • Control sprite movements in a different way
  • Use clones to make our code more efficient
  • Create a “You Win” screen when the player wins
  • Use three different variables in this project: XSpeed, YSpeed, AsteroidCount

The XSpeed and YSpeed variables give the asteroids a random speed in both directions (X & Y). The Asteroid Count variable counts how many asteroids the player has hit.


Coding conversations with kids

Interested in engaging your child in conversation about their digital projects? Here is a blog post on questions you can ask your child to learn about their coding project.