School: St. John’s Anglican College

Mid-term: Term 2, 2018

Course: Scratch Jr


Dear parents,

We are now half-way through Term 2. Below you will find the projects that your child has created and the concepts learned with Coding Kids. We will also be sending an end-of-term update.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



Week 1 –  A conversation with friends

When we click on the green flag, the two characters approach each other and have a conversation.

When green flag clicked:

  • Move forward
  • Say “hi”


Using the wait block to allow each character to add to the conversation. Each sprite takes their turn in saying something.

Wait block

We learn:

  • to move characters forwards and backwards
  • store data as words and display them on screen
  • to use the wait block to create a conversation between two characters


Week 2 – Animated animals

Select your favourite animals and create a scene for them to live in. Animate your animals to show realistic movements.







We learn:

  • To animate characters to resemble lifelike movements e.g. bobbing or swimming in water
  • To use a forever loop
  • To use a green flag block
  • To sequence movements: forward, turn right, forward, turn left and repeat

Week 3 –  Many Mazes

Last term we created a maze game. That maze game only had one level. Let’s build on that and create a game with many levels. Now we have a multi-level maze game. You can create 10 levels, 20 levels or more! As many as you like.


Mazes (draw this yourself, each maze is a sprite)

Each maze shows and hides as required, a different maze shows for each level.

Hide block:                       Show block:

Arrow (x4, different message colours)






Trigger next level:      

We learn to:

  • Create buttons (arrows) to control a sprite (cat)
  • Create multiple mazes
  • Show and hide mazes as required on each level
  • Create multiple levels
  • Trigger the next level when the cat touches the star


Week 4 –  Alien Dodge v2

Last term we created Alien Dodge. The aliens move across the screen from left to right. The cat must jump over them. The cat jumps when clicked on. The two aliens move at different times. In Version 2 we are going to add collectibles. Collectibles, such as as soccer ball, appear at random times. The cat catches the soccer ball for fun visual effects.


Alien 1:

Alien 2:

Choose your own collectible, such as a soccer ball. 

The soccer ball hides and shows above the cats head. Add visual effects for when the cat touches the ball when the cat jumps.


Game Over: (must be drawn)

We learn to:

  • make the cat jump when touched
  • make the aliens move left and right forever
  • Add a collectible, e.g. a soccer ball
  • Create visual effects for the cat and soccer ball sprites
  • trigger “Game over” when the cat touches an alien


Coding conversations with kids

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