School: Belmont State School, Bulimba State School, Norman Park SS, Redeemer Lutheran College, Yeronga State School

Mid-term: Term 3, 2018

Course: Scratch – Sports & Teamwork


Dear parents,

We are now half-way through Term 3. Below you will find the projects that your child has created and the concepts learned with Coding Kids. We will also be sending an end-of-term update.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Maze Starter

In the first week, we learn how to make a maze game. Maze starter is a great adventure game.

We learn:

  • Angles: 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees and 270 degrees
  • Collision detection, how to detect specific colours
  • Text display for set time periods
  • Graphic design of our maze

Pong Starter
Pong starter is a super-fun remake of an arcade classic. This is a one-player pong game.  

We learn to:

  • Program a ball to bounce around the screen and off the paddle.
  • Control the paddle along the x-axis with arrow keys
  • Program the game end when the ball touches the bottom of the screen

Throw the ball at the target
Throw the ball at the target is a fun sporty computer game to build. Throw the ball and try to hit the target.

We learn to:

  • Create randomness in the target’s movement
  • Use arrow keys to control the balls movement along the vertical axis
  • Collision detection: determine when two objects are touching
  • Control the game ending with one of two screens, “you win” and “you lose” screens.

Metal detector game

Metal detector is a treasure hunt game. We use a lot of maths and sound effects to create this exciting hunting game.

We learn:

  • How to locate sprites in random locations
  • How to show and hide sprites
  • How to create efficiencies in our code by using costumes instead of sprites
  • How to broadcast message to trigger actions from one sprite to another
  • How to use maths and sound to create the effect of a metal detector
    • the closer the metal detector is to the hidden object, the higher pitch the sound is played
    • When the metal detector is within a specified distance to the hidden object, a sound is played


Coding conversations with kids

Interested in engaging your child in conversation about their digital projects? Here is a blog post on questions you can ask your child to learn about their coding project.