School: Ipswich Junior Grammar School

Mid-term: Term 2, 2018

Course: Scratch: Sports and Games


Dear parents,

We are now half-way through Term 2. Below you will find the projects that your child has created and the concepts learned with Coding Kids. We will also be sending an end-of-term update.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Lesson 1 – Maze starter

Maze starter is a great adventure game. We learn:

  • Angles: 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees and 270 degrees
  • Collision detection, how to detect specific colours
  • Text display for set time periods
  • Graphic design of our maze




Link to scratch project:


Lesson 2 – Metal detector game

Metal detector is a treasure hunt game. We use a lot of maths and sound effects to create this exciting hunting game.

We learn:

  • How to locate sprites in random locations
  • How to show and hide sprites
  • How to create efficiencies in our code by using costumes instead of sprites
  • How to broadcast message to trigger actions from one sprite to another
  • How to use maths and sound to create the effect of a metal detector
    • the closer the metal detector is to the hidden object, the higher pitch the sound is played
    • When the metal detector is within a specified distance to the hidden object, a sound is played

Link to scratch game:


Lesson 3 & 4 – Gift toss

Gift toss is a great game to explore projectiles and trajectory paths. We learn:

  • To use angles to control the direction of sprites
  • To use variables to store conditions in the game e.g. wind factor
  • To program a projectile along a trajectory which includes a wind factor



Link to scratch game:


Coding conversations with kids

Interested in engaging your child in conversation about their digital projects? Here is a blog post on questions you can ask your child to learn about their coding project.