Make the most of your tutoring classes and holiday courses. Consolidate what you cover in class and practise, practise, practise. Take the opportunity to do extra Python exercises at home. Download python worksheets, perfect for touching up your skills. Download Python worksheets here, scroll down to find links.

It’s a great way to revise what we teach in our beginner’s Python course. Get super charged in your Python skills and get ready for our advance courses to build complex projects.


The downloadable worksheet package includes:

Python Worksheet I

  • computer components
  • commands
  • numbers
  • variables
  • strings
  • errors and debugging

Python Worksheet II

  • input
  • lists
  • Turtle

Python Worksheet III

  • conversions
  • loops
  • loops and lists
  • drawing with loops

Python Worksheet IV

  • conditionals
  • It’s time to make a game

Python Worksheet Answers

  • Python Worksheet II Answers
  • Python Worksheet III Answers


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Download your Python Worksheets here.