web conferences: Learn to code

Join guest facilitator, Emily de la Pena, Founder of Coding Kids and Advance Queensland’s Community Digital Champion as she demonstrates some of the ways she is helping Queensland teachers and students develop skills required in the new Digital Technologies curriculum. Free web conferences: learn to code. Play at home, build your first project with Scratch.

Emily will deliver a three-part web conference series on how to build projects in Scratch to develop and strengthen computational and design thinking skills.

  • Part 1 we will build quiz projects for geography and maths. This project can be introduced into any subject.
  • Part 2 we will build a digital artwork project and introduce how to create an animated story.
  • Part 3 we will build a game that helps explore Cartesian coordinates.

Part 1: Thursday 27 April, 3.30 – 4pm

Let’s build two quizzes in Scratch. Learn about logic patterns, algorithms, data storage and making maths fun.

See blogpost for Part 1 here.

Part 2: Thursday 4 May, 3.30 – 4pm

In the words of Steve Jobs, “Computer science is a liberal arts”. Let’s create digital artwork and introduce how you can make animated stories with Scratch. Learn about Cartesian coordinates, algorithms, and sequencing.

See blogpost for Part 2 here.

Part 3: Thursday 11 May, 3.30 – 4pm

Let’s build a computer game and make learning about Cartesian coordinates fun. Learn about algorithms, sequencing, branching and looping.

Participants will need to ensure they have downloaded Blackboard Collaborate Launcher onto their system so they can gain access to the web conference room. The link to web conferences: Learn to code for support and the download for Windows and MAC is here.


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