Micro-controllers, robots, & drones

Welcome to our world of robots! We have so much in store with our suite of robotics courses. What are robots exactly? Well they can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, traditional-looking robots with camera eyes and microphone ears, drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), to its most basic form which is just a micro-controller in which you can connect your own sensors such as cameras and microphones.

A machine is a robot if it can do three things:

  1. See: it can sense information
  2. Think: it can use that information to make decisions
  3. Do: it can complete tasks based on these decisions


Dash and Dot are two robot friends. Program the
robots individually or to interact with each other. Use
visual programming on tablets to program the robots
to control the lights, sensors and media, to navigate
terrain and complete challenges. The robots include: microphones, speaker, lights (LEDs), transmitters & receivers (IR), distance
sensors (12 inch range),




Sphero is a robot that you can program on tablet in
using drag and drop coding blocks. Sphero has lights
and can play sound via its app. It has an accelerometer
which can sense when it is free falling and when it hits
an obstacle. Program the sphero to respond accelerometer inputs e.g. free falling or impact or to navigate a maze and solve challenges. Learn through trial and error and the benefits of iterative design.



Edison robot is a versatile robot that is great for both
beginners and advanced coders alike. Program Edison’s lights and sound. Edison has a sound sensor, infrared light transmitter and receiver, light sensor, and line tracking sensor. Program Edison using visual programming, i.e. easy to use drag and drop blocks, or Python. Control Edison to solve challenges, follow a line track and respond to
sensor inputs.



mBot is an adaptable robot built on an Arduino that suits both beginner and advanced coders alike. Program mBot to navigate the terrain by following a line and avoiding walls. Program mBot using visual programming which is based on Scratch or program directly into the Arduino interface using C, a text based programming language.




Ozobot is a versatile robot that is great for both beginner and advanced coders alike. Program Ozobot using visual programming or JavaScript. Ozobot can follow line tracks



Design, build and program with Mindstorms EV3 robots. Creating with EV3 robots allow you to invent complex and interesting engineering and robotics projects. You to program the robot in a graphical program environment with drag-and drop components. EV3s are a playful tool where you can learn programming concepts such as loops, switches, states, variables, sequencing, as well as building and engineering robotics solutions. Program your robot to follow a line, avoid obstacles and autonomously navigate the terrain to complete challenges and goals. These robots are the most common robots used for student robotics competitions.




Build your own robot with an Arduino. This is one of our more advanced robotics courses. Program your robot
to follow a line, avoid obstacles and autonomously
navigate the terrain to complete challenges and goals. You
will be programming with C, a text-based programming
language. Arduinos are circuit boards that have micro
controllers. It can be used to control motors, lighting,
cameras and even build a simple robot.



Gain valuable problem solving, accuracy and spatial skills
while getting on your feet and having some fun! Take to the
skies and show that you have what it takes to fly your drone
through any challenge with your coding skills. Learn about
flight safety. Program drones to complete challenges. Explore
community problems that can be solved with drones.




Pepper is a friendly, humanoid robot, and another one of our robotics courses. Pepper robot is designed to recognise human emotion and to be a genuine day-to-day
companion. Learn to program Pepper robot using Choregraphe and Python. Program Pepper robot so that it can respond to verbal commands and by touching Pepper’s head or hands. Pepper robot can be programmed to dance, play music, strike a pose, talk and move around.



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