Learn to design 3D models in our 3D modelling workshops.

We use Tinkercad to design 3D models such as name tags, animals, robots, vehicles, buildings, and more. Tinkercad is a free online tool. Feel free to sign up and start using it. You can learn a lot just by playing around with the software.

Designing 3D models is a great way to learn valuable skills such as: spatial awareness, creative thinking, computer literacy, graphic design, and more.

Our 3D modelling workshops suit 7-11 year olds. See what types of 3D models our students have built.

Design a 3D name plate.



Design an animal or imaginary creature.                           Design a game controller.

Design a Christmas tree or jewelry

By designing and creating fun 3D objects, eg jewellery, toys, decorations, keyrings, children can learn about 3D modelling and design. If you have a 3D printer, print fun objects with your students.

If you would like a friendly, trained tutor to help you upskill in your 3D modelling skills, join one of our events. We have many 3D modelling workshops on offer either online or at in-person events, after-school or during the school holidays.


Contact us and get more details. Book private tutoring, teacher PD workshops, 3D printing workshops, and more.