Here we show you how to download your child’s Thunkable app onto your mobile phone. Then you can both play with the app your child made themselves.

Thunkable is a fantastic website that allows a child to make their mobile app. They can make simple apps such as interactive artwork, digital games etc. You create your own account on the Thunkable website and then make your own app. Then you can download the app onto your mobile phone. See below the instructions on how to do this.


1. Start at the Thunkable website

  • On a computer, go to Thunkable website.
  • Sign in with your child’s account. (Gmail email account)
  • Select either iOS or Android.

  • Select the app project you would like to download.

2. Download Thunkable app

  • Open the Thunkable App.

3. To download your child’s app project

  • Click on ‘Test’
  • Click on ‘Thunkable Live’

  • On your mobile phone, scan the QR code in the Thunkable app to download your child’s app project.

Now that you have downloaded your child’s Thunkable app onto your mobile phone, you can see your child’s app on your mobile phone. You can now play with the app.

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