School Term Coding

Classes accepting external students

  • All children welcome, you don't have to be a student at the school.
  • Classes start 3.30pm.
  • Junior program for Grades 2-4.
  • Senior program for Grades 5-6.
  • Tutors have Blue Cards.
  • One tutor per 8 students.
  • New term, new theme: e.g. "Art and animation", "Space and exploration".
  • Want to bring Coding Kids to your school? Here's how.

Lily & Hannah built TED (The Entertainment Droid), a companion robot for lonely people. TED can sing, greet you, tell a joke & more. 

Abby, Lola & Matilda built a 10-level maze game in Scratch. They created their own 3D design of a game controller and 3D printed it. 

Josh at our Gold Coast code camp created a 3D model of a Minion using Microsoft 3D Builder & built his own computer games and animations.

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Coding Kids is empowering children to be creators, innovators and change makers.

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