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  • All children are welcome to attend, you don't have to be a student at the school.
  • Classes start 3.30pm.
  • We have separate programs for years 2-4 and years 5-6 students.
  • We have two tutors for 15 students. All of our tutors have Blue Cards (police checks).
  • Each term we cover a new theme, e.g. "Art and animation", "Space and exploration", "Fantasy and adventure".

If your school is not listed, bring Coding Kids to your school.

Otherwise, you may be interested in our interactive online code clubs.


Below is the full list of schools and venues where Coding Kids offers code clubs.

Find out what our students built:

Tadhg wanted to share his love of rugby, so he created a quiz game about rugby to share with his family and friends. 

Josh wanted to learn how to do 3D modelling and so he created a 3D model of a Minion.

Abby, Lola & Matilda collaborated on a tech project. They built a 10-level maze game in Scratch. They used Tinkercad to create a 3D design of a game controller. The game controller was 3D printed and connected to a MaKey MaKey and the Scratch game.

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