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Coding Kids offers a variety of fun and engaging classes for students of all ages. Our classes are designed to teach kids the basics of various facets of programming in an engaging way.


Years 2-6

Scratch is a great introduction to computer programming concepts. It is a drag and drop coding environment which suits children from the age of 6.

It was developed by the MIT Media Lab to help children program creatively, systematically, and collaboratively. There is a rich media library to use and an in-built sharing system so kids can see more complex projects and see the code inside.

Scratch is perfect for students with zero programming experience. Students explore the Scratch interface and familiarise themselves with capabilities of this program.

They build their own computer games, animations and multimedia art, whilst in the process they discover computer science principles.

Click the flag to begin the game! Use the arrow keys to control the paddle.

(You may need to allow Adobe Flash to play)


Years 5-9

Python is a great programming language to help beginners to understand programming concepts. It is widely regarded as the best programming language for beginners because it is easy to learn, easy to read and write, extremely flexible, and helps you progress onto harder languages.

You can use Python to write quick scripts, backend web development and build websites using Django, a popular Python web framework. Python was used to build: YouTube, Instagram and Spotify.

It is also a useful programming language which helps those studying or researching at Universities to conduct their research. It is widely used in scientific, technical and academic fields such as Artificial Intelligence.

If you have never coded before and you want to learn your first programming language, start with Python. It is versatile, the syntax is very simple, and it is easy to get started. Try Python for free with Code Academy.

Try some of our Python projects:

Try controlling the turtle! Enter a number to move the turtle, then enter another to rotate the turtle!

Click the pencil to view the code.


Years 3-6

Innovate for social impact! With block-based coding under your belt, you can now develop digital solutions and solve community problems. Use Scratch to design your software program, then integrate your software to a hardware interface using Makey Makey and 3D design and printing. Learn about circuits and build your own physical interface to your program. Pitch your digital solution and how it will tackle your chosen community problem.


Years 4-9

Become a changemaker! Identify a community problem to solve. Use design thinking to innovate and iterate your way to a marketable product. Create value and learn how to market your product. Develop digital solutions with rapid prototyping. Learn to create with technology. Pitch your digital solution and how it will tackle your chosen community problem.


Years 5-9

GameMaker Studios is a game development environment that targets those who are interested in game development, but don't know where to get started, or don't have the technical expertise to make it a reality. It features a simply drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to make rather sophisticated games without actually have to write a text based code. That being said, GameMaker does have its own scripting language called GML for those who are interested in getting started with text based coding for games. GML allows one to add further functionality and flexibility to their games without having to learn any of the tricky programming paradigms and languages that are commonly used in the industry. GameMaker is, overall, a great tool to get started with game development, regardless of whether or not you have any technical experience with it!

Web Development

Years 5-9

Build a website with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Create your own interest page and gallery. Design creative styles for your pages. Learn to code, design and problem solve. Show off your website to family and friends.