School: St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School, Wishart (Monday)

End-of-term: Term 1, 2018

Course: Scratch – Art and Animation


Penguin Arty Party

Penguin Arty Party is a super-creative computer game. Penguin moves left to right, following the mouse pointer. The disco ball at the top of the screen automatically moves left and right. At random intervals, balloons drop from the disco ball. When penguin catches a balloon, he earns one point.


We learn to:  

  • Use XY coordinates
  • Use random number generation
  • Create clones to make our code more efficient
  • Use variables to store a number, i.e. game score
  • Use collision detection to determine when penguin touches a balloon

Link to Scratch project:  


Make your own project

In Week 7, students made their own project with the guidance of our tutors.


Demo Day

Week 8 is Demo Day, students get time to finish their projects and then present their projects in front of our parent and student audience.

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