Schools: Belmont State School, Bulimba State School, Corinda State School, & Ipswich Junior Grammar School

Mid-term update: Term 1, 2018

Theme: Scratch – Space and Exploration


These are the projects we built so far:


Asteroid Smash

Use the arrow keys to control the movement of the rocketship. Press space key to shoot at the asteroids.

We learn to:

  • Control sprite movements in a different way
  • Use clones to make our code more efficient
  • Create a “You Win” screen when the player wins
  • Use three different variables in this project: XSpeed, YSpeed, AsteroidCount

The XSpeed and YSpeed variables give the asteroids a random speed in both directions (X & Y). The AsteroidCount variable counts how many asteroids the player has hit.


Catch the Alien

The player tries to catch the alien to score points.

We learn to:

  • Use random XY coordinates with a random number generator
  • Use a variable to keep score
  • Create a speech bubble for our sprite
  • Use a forever loop


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