School: Shorncliffe State School

Mid-term: Term 3, 2018

Course: Scratch: Sports & Teamwork


Dear parents,

We are now half-way through Term 3. Below you will find the projects that your child has created and the concepts learned with Coding Kids. We will also be sending an end-of-term update.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Maze Starter (Week 1)

In the first week, we learn how to make a maze game. Maze starter is a great adventure game.

We learn:

  • Angles: 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees and 270 degrees
  • Collision detection, how to detect specific colours
  • Text display for set time periods
  • Graphic design of our maze

Pong Starter (Week 2)
Pong starter is a super-fun remake of an arcade classic. This is a one-player pong game.  

We learn to:

  • Program a ball to bounce around the screen and off the paddle.
  • Control the paddle along the x-axis with arrow keys
  • Program the game end when the ball touches the bottom of the screen


Throw the ball at the target (Week 3 & 4)
Throw the ball at the target is a fun sporty computer game to build. Throw the ball and try to hit the target.

We learn to:

  • Create randomness in the target’s movement
  • Use arrow keys to control the balls movement along the vertical axis
  • Collision detection: determine when two objects are touching
  • Control the game ending with one of two screens, “you win” and “you lose” screens.

Coding conversations with kids

Interested in engaging your child in conversation about their digital projects? Here is a blog post on questions you can ask your child to learn about their coding project.