School: Middle Park State School, Shorncliffe State School, St Catherine’s, St Joseph’s, Redeemer Lutheran College

Mid-term: Term 1, 2018

Course: Scratch – Art and Animation


These are the projects we have built to date:

Digital Art (Week 1)

This project was demonstrated by the tutor. It is a fun interactive art project that uses sound as an input. The level of the sound that the computer microphone detects, controls the direction, speed and sprite (object) colour.

Taking inspiration from the tutor’s project we built a simpler interactive art project that uses key presses as input. We control our art project with the following keys: up arrow, down arrow, space key and ‘c’ key.

Link to Scratch project:

This was a great project to play around with variables. We use variables to store data, e.g. a number. In this project we create a variable called “Fun” and we can increase or decrease its value by pressing the up or down arrow keys.

Click on the blue ‘See Inside’ button in the top right corner of the screen to see the code that was used to build the project.

We learn to:

  • Use key presses as user inputs
  • Use a variable to store a number
  • Use the variable to control sprite sizes and movement


Auto sprite stamp (Week 2)

In this week’s project we use the arrow keys to control the sprite’s (object) size. We also automate the sprite to stamp every 1 second, change colour and use sound effects.

We learn to:

  • Use key presses as user inputs
  • Repeat actions forever
  • Use a timing device
  • Change colour effects
  • Add sound effects

Link to Scratch project:

My Paint (Week 3)

We recreate a simple paint project. We build colour blocks that allow us to change the colour of the pen. We also use the space key to put the pen down and up, i.e. switch it on and off.

The colour blocks act as buttons which tell the pencil sprite what colour pen to use. To make this happen, we learn about broadcast blocks. Broadcast blocks allow one sprite to send a message to another sprite and trigger an action.

We learn to:

  • Use key presses as user inputs
  • Create buttons that result in actions
  • Broadcast messages between sprites, which trigger actions

Link to Scratch project:

Penguin Arty Party (Week 4)

Penguin Arty Party is a super-creative computer game. Penguin moves left to right, following the mouse pointer. The disco ball at the top of the screen automatically moves left and right. At random intervals, balloons drop from the disco ball. When penguin catches a balloon, he earns one point.

We learn to:  

  • Use XY coordinates
  • Use random number generation
  • Create clones to make our code more efficient
  • Use variables to store a number, i.e. game score
  • Use collision detection to determine when penguin touches a balloon

Link to Scratch project:  


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