School: Belmont State School,Camp Hill State School

End-of-term: Term 1, 2018

Course: Scratch – Space and Exploration


Land the Spaceship

Use the arrow keys to land the spaceship onto the landing pad.

We learn to:

  • Create a gravity effect, i.e. if we do nothing, the spaceship will fall with gravity
  • Use the arrow keys as inputs
  • Use XY coordinates
  • Use collision detection, i.e. the rocket ship detects when it is touching the landing pad and the gravity effect no longer influences it

Link to Scratch project:



Aliens are Catching a Lift

Catch the aliens but not the robots.


We learn to:

  • Join strings (a data type), i.e. text, and include the use of a variable in displaying text
  • Use random number generation
  • XY coordinates
  • Collision detection
  • Branching or conditional statements

Link to Scratch project:

Make your own project

In Week 7, students made their own project with the guidance of our tutors.


Demo Day

Week 8 is Demo Day, students get time to finish their projects and then present their projects in front of our parent and student audience.

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