Private tutoring

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Private tutoring

from 62.00

Private tutoring available:

- Learn to code with Python

- Lego Mindstorms EV3

- Arduino

- and much more

Weekly payments for 1 hour classes $62 / hour

Block payment for four one-hour classes $240


Contact Emily on 0449 162 677 or for more details. 


* Please contact us to discuss travel times and costs.

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Want to build your first computer game? Have fun creating and exploring digital technology, create digital art and make an animation movie. Computer programming is a creative and productive hobby. Learn about computational thinking, design thinking, graphic design, innovation, logic, maths and creativity. 


Python is a general-purpose computer programming language useful for any beginner project. Move on from block coding to text-based coding with fun, creative projects. Write scripts to program Turtle to create colourful patterns using spirography. Explore geometry, patterns and learn your first text-based programming language.

We will create our own adventure game with Python. Imagine a world and build an adventure. Are you an explorer searching for exotic flowers in the jungle? Are you a hunter searching for gems in the woods? Exercise your imagination and build your own text adventure game.

  1. Python Level 1
  2. Python Level 2
  3. Python Level 3

Web development

Build your own website from scratch. Learn to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript. 

  1. Web Dev Level 1
  2. Web Dev Level 2


Learn about our Scratch course levels and competencies learned at each level. We developed a learning progression for programming with Scratch. Our Scratch courses are built on five course levels:

  1. Introductory Level 
  2. Junior Coder Level 1 
  3. Junior Coder Level 2 
  4. Intermediate Coder Level 1
  5. Intermediate Coder Level 2
  6. Advanced Coder Level 1
  7. Advanced Coder Level 2

Each course level focuses on achieving a set of competencies. Students discover the new competencies. They may take 1 or 2 terms to explore their new skills in various contexts and consolidate them in that course level. Afterwards they are able to proceed to the next level to discover, explore and consolidate new competencies. 

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Auslan / Signed English Coding Mentor available upon request.